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Welcome to the comment section that became its own community somehow. this documents stuff in the SOUCS. 8pWw8NM is the code for one of the multiple Discord servers for this comment section ANYWAYS FELLOW LHUGUENIANS, HELP EDIT THIS WIKI FOR ALL LHUGUENIANS

Lhuguenian Flag[edit | edit source]

https://youtu.be/XqGjw8H-MvA[edit | edit source]

Lhuguenian Lore[edit | edit source]

It all started when this video got a large influx of hate around undertales peak, so the creator put the comments on most recent to block out the hate comments, and the main reason why everyone is here now is because there are memes surrounding the song here or because of quarantine nostalgia runs. And that’s basically it now we worship daddy lhugueny

Our founding fathers are xXSpregXx, Intoxicated, Watto, and Solar punch33

About 1 month before the reddit invasion we had what was called, the c*mboy era with mistermyself as our dictator. We eventually overthrew him and he eventually stopped commenting but after that we had no set leader

After the era of c*mboy was when Tendon started getting out of hand, tendon was one of the first few people to ever comment here, and by then everyone was fed up with him to the point of literally ignoring his existence

Once tendon stopped being tendon, the worst happened, the redditors invaded posting our comments on r/youngpeopleyoutube despite it all being satire, made by teenagers, and against the subreddits rules, which lead the founding fathers and a few others to flee to a kokichi Ouma fancam and never return, they asked that I don’t say the title but yeah it exists.

October update:

Mostly everyone is back now, there has been three major events

There was the ba4 drama where they just wouldn’t shut up and kept saying slurs, we eventually forgave them because they genuinely grew as a person afterwards but what followed was the Chara drama, this one was the actual worst. Chara is an extremely ignorant person, who has misgendered multiple people in the cult, made extreme claims against the cult that never happened (us mocking abt chara x asriel and them saying we condone incest) , using neo nazi terminology, larping as a dictator and sexual abuser, and making rape jokes with solvo in front of two literal rape survivors

Now we move onto solvo drama, what they did was misgendering Naku, Me, and a few others, rape jokes, chara supporter, and refuses to believe they did wrong

In loving memory of Lou Douglas, Vriska Pee Jar, Lhugueny Real, Silasfunny, and Minna

May they Rest In Peace.
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